"Kim Glann directs
her top notch
cast with skill."
-- LA Weekly

The World Premiere of Jan Alejandro's COMMON BONDS displays "fine writing and compelling interwoven setups, artfully directed by Kim
Glann. But it's the eight actors playing siblings who shine here. Their onstage chemistry captures that love, anger, biting humor,
support and disappointment that are part and parcel of being brother and sister."
-- Back Stage West

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Fire Rose Productions & Nail Soup Productions
Proudly Presents A World Premiere of

by Jan Michael Alejandro

“Common Bonds” follows four sets of siblings as crises force each of them to come together. Set in San Francisco and the Bay Area, the play is interwoven with themes of individual needs and family demands, sibling competition and parental expectation, and the ultimate demands of marriage and individuality, while the music of Jackson Browne and other artists tie these stories together.

Allison & Tim Clark (San Mateo)
Tim has been accepted to a prestigious university, but
he is ambivalent about leaving his deaf sister, Allison, to face the hearing world by herself. He has translated for her and stuck up for her all her life. Once sixteen-year-old Allison finds out she might be holding him back, the tables begin to turn..

Vickie & Wayne Lee (Financial District)
“Forgive And Forget” is not a credo that Vickie and Wayne Lee share, especially when it comes to their deadbeat father. At a time when they need to be unified in getting him to assist with their mother’s rising medical expenses, the pains of their past make it impossible.

Samantha "Sam" & Danny MacIntyre (Haight-Ashbury)
Samantha is planning a surprise 50th anniversary party for her parents with her gay twin brother Danny, but for all their lifetime of closeness, she is loath to disclose a secret that turns their lives around.

Gwen & Bruce Goldstein (Telegraph Hill)
When you're closing in on fifty, life ought to have fallen into some sort of order, but Gwen's life is coming apart. As she packs up all the pieces of her lovely society life and dream home in preparation to move to a rental, her brother Bruce tries to convince her that the downturn in her husband’s business is a sign of a larger problem.

The world premiere of Common Bonds will be presented in full 5.1 surround sound, donated by Harmon JBL. Sound Designer is Emmy and Grammy Award winning Nathaniel Kunkel.

An American Sign Language interpreter will be signing at all performances.

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